The Collector #8

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe / Rebecca Aidlin


Rebecca Aidlin’s small painting hangs on my wall holding its place among various drawings and paintings that conjure visual thoughts and possibilities.

Hers is a small intimate world made of water, rain, clouds; an indication of the earth without its ground. I feel this absence of ground every time I look at it. There is nowhere for me to enter the painting except by accepting to swim, or float. Sometimes I stand on the outside and look in. I can see into a depth, past the deep gorgeous blue/black, the slight pink rain and ink blots that appear to be creating a foreground of weather.

The painting is made on a thin, wispy piece of dictionary paper. I love that when I say this we all know the feel, the temporary feel of a page from a dictionary.

Paper Thin

The medium is water based woodblock ink used as paint.

There is a little half moon cutout near the corner of the paper, formerly an aid in finding one’s way.

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe


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