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Chapter 5:Bad Kitty Meets Google

August 22, 2017

Good​ ​god:​ ​that​ ​self-satisfied​ ​voice,​ ​going​ ​on​ ​and​ ​on: “The​ ​extraordinary​ ​mirror​ ​relationships​ ​of​ ​hacking​ ​itself​ ​and anti-hacking–or​ [...]


August 17, 2017

this is my piece on renoir so far , haha i will translate his notes on the difference between french & indian color & i would like the river picture to be displayed … somehow … . james pasternak’s interview as well as [...]

hey, dedi work ( dense digital work)

July 23, 2017

  whenever one looks at tattered/ torn/ blue/ jeans/ black/ today one thinks of luck as lucky styles making it into the halls of fame, worldwide. a place that money did not forget since homeland has to get ahead, while negative chocks, being [...]

Bad Kitty: Chapter 4

July 8, 2017

(Bad Kitty continues) It wasn’t until she returned from almost three weeks of vacation that she heard anything about her check handiwork… Over dinner, she’d been going on to her friend Dolores about Japan and her mastery of one [...]