Articles by Talking Pictures

translucent wood

February 2, 2018

    mesmerizing is: translucent wood … as the green green colored bed you call your own, cuffing the tic tic tac of pointers, swinging the punch to hit home the plain hall of crazy dread, this bed, your community, drifting into the [...]

6 to 9

January 8, 2018

  looking at producers/ originators scrunching pictorial mores, champing musical scores running the chores, the impending narrating the new brain blind stamping the brain, telling you … you won’t be relevant if you don’t [...]


December 18, 2017

  erring; straying from the straight and narrow vertex trajectory, no chemtrails, grid patterns, no lattices hexagonal framed by dark blue corners, once tapestry of the gods or close-meshed prayer rugs, dum dum trodden, dumb trodden … [...]