Der Defätist / The Defeatist


October 27, 2017

    is it easier to play 45 straightaway , (3 minutes in a minute) than 33 as leading edge, later? thereupon, at that point, the album of dream book turns into the prolonged mistake book… error logging making the question obsolete: [...]

bethesda green and fair

October 4, 2017

  … in the beginning too weak to take off… Absurd rises still higher, it’s not even the notion of propriety or ruin hey, pretty baby – opinion, story, argument – do you subside in decorum? do you remember the [...]

la strada

September 14, 2017

  Latin strāta (via) ‘paved (way)’, feminine past participle of sternere ‘lay down’. street … in folgende Sprache übersetzen …: remembering flying to the US listening to noun 1   … think my street 8daddy9 ended [...]

daughter card blue – terra menes

September 6, 2017

  you can lose mother on an intersection high above a murmuring stream while fish jump as delphinium’s quest written in a trice into the skies i am fish , i don’t have to get exited about diving. show me how to dive into the blue [...]


August 17, 2017

this is my piece on renoir so far , haha i will translate his notes on the difference between french & indian color & i would like the river picture to be displayed … somehow … . james pasternak’s interview as well as [...]

hey, dedi work ( dense digital work)

July 23, 2017

  whenever one looks at tattered/ torn/ blue/ jeans/ black/ today one thinks of luck as lucky styles making it into the halls of fame, worldwide. a place that money did not forget since homeland has to get ahead, while negative chocks, being [...]


June 30, 2017

  sublation of nine? & of a multitude of orgasms … movement of movement, o, here, to exist… can we eat it, an inwardizing externalization?   hegel says, yes i say, no! stupido, moment in itself, go …!   though [...]

courts and yards, umgh

June 14, 2017

  hello brooklyln friend, don’t worry, i’m working on the courtyards of berlin …billy’s pics are polar opposites (counterpoint), though not for too much longer, i fear. instead, we will see ordoliberal IT courtyards ( [...]

beyond courtyards (100 years)

May 24, 2017

once we imagined we weren’t looking at screens to be moved, while meeting a center point, to make our moves in the world. we were, blithely, following the star shed glitter of hope, opportunity, soaked with excitement: a squeaky liberty. flung [...]

a lambent dream

April 30, 2017

gold must be pure, o, doré gold be the cover while under the aegis of fear, rage & spleen we reel to uncover the precipitous continent.   the act of unraveling & what it could mean when we are looking at gold  & looking for it [...]