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  • nefertiti stamp
    weather/whether is white open or blindingly blunt? is black shut or sharp dreaming? when black helpers are green & purple & white helpers are as yellow as they are blue whom do we woo?   Amy’s picture* reminds me of Mycenae a (...)

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  • IMG_0318 (2)
    We’re giving away free copies of Robert Walser’s Looking at Pictures, courtesy of pub. CHRISTINE BURGIN/NEW DIRECTIONS. The first three people who send Talking Pictures a selfie with L’Arlesienne will win a book! To enter, please (...)

Der Defätist / The Defeatist

  • James Elaine

    blue and brown

    August 16, 2016

    if essence is contingent then contingency is a form of essentialism …* oh bullshit?! it’s always nice to hear that a (...)




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