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What Meets the Eye

  • Jasper Johns Talks to Me

    April 16, 2019

    Often in the last year upon awakening, but with my eyes still closed, I see myself sobbing. The death of a friend, white supremacists, climate change, I [...]
  • After dropping my wife at the A train, it was too early for Harry’s* and I passed McDonalds, thinking about Simon’s show, the ultra-recognizability of the [...]


Letters to the Editor

Der Defätist / The Defeatist

Bad Kitty

  • Bad Kitty was in a fog and an avocado she was squeezing wiggled back— she almost dashed it away but thank goodness she looked down, fearing a mouse or a bat and there in [...]

The Pencil Review

  • stamp
    Well that wasn’t so bad. The review is more about you than me; I was afraid that you were going to bust me on not knowing squat about religion or God or anything else [...]