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What Meets the Eye

  • Renee Cox: The Holy Family

    November 30, 2019

        I want to talk about Origins in the context of visual invention and the evolution of Christian iconography. To find out more of the backstory [...]
  • A selling point of both of these shows is that the works shown are “one of a kind” (Muniz) and “unique” (Marclay)l. Actually, they are manufactured [...]


Letters to the Editor

  •   Finally read your poem! “Stories that we tell about ourselves To the lyre of self-instrumentalization While knives are floating over the flensing deck Dissention of knives Then [...]

Der Defätist / The Defeatist

  • keys

    November 23, 2019

    faith, energy and trauma travel lodges stifling rooms world eroding teen tongue vogues blow i [...]

Bad Kitty

  • Bad Kitty was in a fog and an avocado she was squeezing wiggled back— she almost dashed it away but thank goodness she looked down, fearing a mouse or a bat and there in [...]

The Pencil Review

  • weather/whether is white open or blindingly blunt? is black shut or sharp dreaming? when black helpers are green & purple & white helpers are as yellow as they are [...]