What Meets the Eye

  •     The reason I’m such an optimist about this whole climate change business is that at a particularly low point, I took “Botany for Horticulturalists” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (and the rest of the horticultural certificate courses too, except for Pest [...]
  •   I was going to write about Fischl’s economical brushwork but Dennis Kardon did such a super job on that in “HyperA”, and James Cahill in “Art In America” put the hilarious cherry on top by calling it “near enough.” All I’m left with is the uneasiness that [...]

Letters to the Editor

  • John comments: Simply the *dumbest* attempt at a review I’ve ever tried to read.Why not do some research on the Artist; her influences; her peers; her career; her importance in the [...]


Der Defätist / The Defeatist

Bad Kitty

  • Bad Kitty: Chapter 4

    July 8, 2017

    (Bad Kitty continues) It wasn’t until she returned from almost three weeks of vacation that she heard anything about her check handiwork… Over dinner, she’d [...]