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What Meets the Eye

  • Jasper Johns, “Cicada” (1979) Oil on canvas, 48” × 36”
    Gestalt exercise #1: Try for a few minutes to make up sentences stating what you are at this moment aware of. Begin each sentence with the words [...]
  • Do you know what woodshedding is? Practicing alone where no one can hear. And not only that— according to Paul Klemperer* “woodshedding is more than just [...]


Letters to the Editor

  •   Finally read your poem! “Stories that we tell about ourselves To the lyre of self-instrumentalization While knives are floating over the flensing deck Dissention of knives Then [...]

The Collector

  • The Collector #9

    March 29, 2020

    Barbara Epler / Elaine Arsenault   I have a small painting— The painting itself (though I carefully double-matted and framed it to be quite a bit larger) is the size [...]

Der Defätist / The Defeatist

  • the entire city

    March 18, 2020

    the city pyre a learning situation civitatem even for tribes that like to lie a bed for [...]

Bad Kitty


    January 19, 2020

    A toothache, thought Bad Kitty, is like someone else’s dog scratching at your guest-bedroom door all night. A toothache is a cold vibrating funnel sucking in the undone [...]


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