Letters to the Editor

Letter about the shepherdesses of lyra

May 16, 2019

  Finally read your poem! “Stories that we tell about ourselves To the lyre of self-instrumentalization While knives are floating over the flensing deck Dissention of knives Then Ascension As mounting of the brightest star An i carved [...]

Letter from Tim Spelios

October 15, 2016

I dig the three drawings you sketched from “before disembarking”. It’s like hearing a version of a song written for sax, bass, and drums played on piano. Thanks, Tim   This letter is a response to our recent pencil review of [...]

Letter about “Nice Weather”

April 26, 2016

weather/whether is white open or blindingly blunt? is black shut or sharp dreaming? when black helpers are green & purple & white helpers are as yellow as they are blue whom do we woo?   Amy’s picture* reminds me of Mycenae a [...]

Letter from Meg Hitchcock

February 9, 2016

Well that wasn’t so bad. The review is more about you than me; I was afraid that you were going to bust me on not knowing squat about religion or God or anything else (which I don’t, but I try to keep my ignorance to myself). That I [...]