Gail Vachon responds to “A Pretty Good Show…”

Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained... at the Hill Art Foundation


I gave up trying to figure out which paintings were paired together and why, it was an unnecessary exercise for viewing what for me was a spectacularly exciting show. One painting after another thrilled me. Only a few did not! Some standouts for me were the 2 paintings by Nicole Wittenberg, Reggie Burrows Hodges’ “Swimming in Compton: Shallow End, 2021,” Richard Aldrich’s “The Craggy Face on the Precipice of.” I still haven’t been to see Cecily Brown at the Met but I surprised myself by liking her painting in this show.I’ve been twice and may go back again before it closes later this month. (My second visit was cut short because they close [oddly] at 5:00 – be forewarned.)

Gail Vachon