Articles by Talking Pictures

The Collector #21

October 19, 2020

 Keith Sanborn / Les LeVeque We’re already in deep with the title, which amounts to at least a partial description of one of my favorite paintings. It hangs dark yellow on pushpins through gromets on the pale yellow wall above the two monitors in [...]

rusty sugar

October 18, 2020

  few constants left empty emptier beach gill cleft chiffon black & swathes of bronze odds on Mars dangerous chatting nothing comes into view a very light future from the waist up a heading but no one knows what to do some people think [...]

The Collector #20

September 27, 2020

Lisa Schiller / Leon de Troy When the stay at home mandate began in mid March, I decided to move temporarily (or so I thought at the time) to my beau’s house in Brooklyn because it offered more space than my apartment and we could weather the [...]

Peggy Ahwesh into the Night

September 26, 2020

The restless night owl Peggy Ahwesh likes to travel and “have adventures”. So since the “world was topsy turvy  this summer,”* she scouted locations in upstate NY during the day, drove out along deserted country roads in the midnight hour [...]

To Copy a Burchfield…

September 17, 2020

…is not easy though I thought it would be. Of course Fantasy of Heat is a watercolor: it is painted transparently with easy fluid brushstrokes and I can’t paint that way. I put some paint down and add and edit, not really knowing what I am doing [...]


September 10, 2020

proclivity slope & mountain side lady liberty often a traditional dish deep fried swish lish to flourish as a mish’ of buyers  & distributors ਭਟੂਰਾ prying eyes and denigration to beat or to strike body of gold coin mud [...]


August 31, 2020

  Sometime around the age of twelve or thirteen, I entered a stage of awkwardness so extreme that even the act of walking seemed doubtful. What had been automatic, to put one foot in front of another, to maintain a steady rhythm and to appear [...]

Gestalt Exercises #4 and the Color Walk

August 28, 2020

Differentiating and Unifying “Try this experiment with a painting you like. Notice the lines and the drawing apart from the objects painted and the colors; for example, trace the outlines of the main figures and observe the pattern they form. [...]

the long line

August 14, 2020

a long line of eerie stitches covered the past neon deep sequins decoration tripping over green reconciliation harassed & surpassed not exactly classy i told the girl carpenter sequins harvester arbiter erecting cabinets for four i know, she [...]