Articles by Talking Pictures

the yoo-hoo call

March 19, 2021

sweet rider in Blue of harnessed senses fabric doused in a crystal pink falling whispering: portals never work a long line of canvases reaching out to meet with the silvery darts of  a Reinhardt cue by & by leading up to the sitting room four [...]

stone and Mr Stone

February 23, 2021

  somebody’s stone cap reached my hill cap over the mill in coney island a common gem very hard still just a pebble from the testicle stem a stone’s throw away from an antique store they did not let me in hey made in stone they had [...]


January 23, 2021

a pair of clear & simplest near laid out in desperate sands oh Fini land i said: “Alas! (thought I, and my heart beat loud) How fast she nears and nears! Are those her sails that glance in the Sun, Like restless gossameres? ” i know [...]


December 21, 2020

a manner a group of soft ware entrepreneurs an office a stage a barista pro an assessment a decision a gray green enamel ornamental knot weed family low scrub land plant a bush a computer an american rapper a greek school a donor a missus indoors [...]

these days

November 18, 2020

  these days i do things with empty chairs i do things with crows too age of world lost to the worlds hello bottom i sit in front of chairs the Bottle Cup of marvelous airs lost friend’s dunno sun without arc all irk no lark it’s [...]

The Drawings of Matt Freedman

November 15, 2020

In performance, Matt drew upside down on a pad he hung around his neck—so generous! rightside up for us. By chance and this is very Freedmanesque if you know what I mean, I read a line or two of “On Grand Strategy” * today at the Strand: [...]

The Collector #21

October 19, 2020

 Keith Sanborn / Les LeVeque We’re already in deep with the title, which amounts to at least a partial description of one of my favorite paintings. It hangs dark yellow on pushpins through gromets on the pale yellow wall above the two monitors in [...]