Articles by Talking Pictures

Seph Rodney’s Great Mistakes

July 30, 2020

  It’s come to this—reviewing a reviewer’s review of their own reviews. Also Reflecting on the Mistakes I’ve Made as an Art Critic is two months old—maybe more—where does the time go? What’s so good about this metacognitive essay [...]


July 15, 2020

there are cliffs and plumes & numbers their color is lagoon a final decision as short time quaternion parcels of Ceiba sacred conjugation of 3 going back to gene using anthropoids for time work scheme called yes & no i rescued a male kitten [...]

The Collector #19

July 12, 2020

 Lisa Levy / Brenda Zlamany   My husband, Phil Buehler and I collect a lot of work—our loft is filled with art. One of my all time favorite acquisitions is this magical portrait of Oona painted by her mother, Brenda Zlamany. Zlamany is an [...]

The Collector #18

June 25, 2020

 Brenda Zlamany / David Hockney Recently David Hockney signed this proof of “Old RinkRank Threatens the Princess”  for my daughter, Oona, “with love”, and I added it to our collection on the living room wall. It is one of 39 illustrations [...]

outer inner space

June 12, 2020

The universe tells me what I’m supposed to do, she said. “I’m looking forward to the next assignment.” says Janelle Monáe Bokeh effect the rain is falling finds its places in despair falling for snare & on lilies of the valley mink [...]

The Collector #17

June 10, 2020

 Anne Russinof / Tony Saunders This piece by Tony Saunders is one that I could look at forever. It has moved from one wall to another over the years, sometimes sharing space with the work of other artists, sometimes going solo. It used to live on a [...]

The Collector #16

May 24, 2020

 J.J. Murphy / Katherine Bradford Of all the paintings in our collection, this one arrived at a perfect moment—right before the pandemic ruptured our lives so significantly. I have always believed that what hangs on our walls affects the quality [...]

The Collector #15

May 17, 2020

Lisa Hein + Bob Seng / Kerry Law Lisa saw this painting at Kerry’s Bushwick open studio and told him on the spot she wanted to buy it. It took nearly a year to close the deal, but Kerry honored our dibs when other fans started closing in at his [...]