What Meets the Eye

Gestalt Exercises #4 and the Color Walk

August 28, 2020

Differentiating and Unifying “Try this experiment with a painting you like. Notice the lines and the drawing apart from the objects painted and the colors; for example, trace the outlines of the main figures and observe the pattern they form. [...]

Seph Rodney’s Great Mistakes

July 30, 2020

  It’s come to this—reviewing a reviewer’s review of their own reviews. Also Reflecting on the Mistakes I’ve Made as an Art Critic is two months old—maybe more—where does the time go? What’s so good about this metacognitive essay [...]

Jack Whitten in the Woodshed

March 3, 2020

Do you know what woodshedding is? Practicing alone where no one can hear. And not only that— according to Paul Klemperer* “woodshedding is more than just practicing— it is the place where you work out the techniques that form the foundation of [...]

Bob Seng Was in the Navy

February 15, 2020

I was quite unexpectedly moved by Nexit 9. I had anticipated enjoying Seng’s game of re-ordered exit signs, but not that I would be idly staring at Nexit 9 when it became a barge and slowly and quietly slid into the sea, unnoticed by the busy [...]

Renee Cox: The Holy Family

November 30, 2019

    I want to talk about Origins in the context of visual invention and the evolution of Christian iconography. To find out more of the backstory (for example, why the left-hand panel, christened Yo Mama, has shown alone until now) I refer [...]