Robert Walser on Van Gogh

An excerpt from "Looking at Pictures"

An excerpt from Robert Walser’s Looking At Pictures: “The Van Gogh Picture” in which every word is so beautiful and so human it breaks your/my heart. Editor’s note.

“At an exhibition of paintings several years ago, I saw an, as it were, ravishing and priceless picture: Van Gogh’s L’Arlesienne, the portrait of…



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The above pieces by Robert Walser are reproduced courtesy of New Directions Publishing and the Christine Burgin Gallery, co-publishers of Looking at Pictures, copyright © Suhrkamp Verlag Zurich 1985 and translation copyright © 2015 by Susan Bernofsky and Christopher Middleton; the painting, Vincent van Gogh’s L’Arleìsienne: Madame Joseph-Michel Ginoux, 1888–89, is reproduced courtesy of New Directions Publishing and the Christine Burgin Gallery, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Bequest of Sam A Lewisohn, 1951 (51.112.3): all rights reserved.


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