January 2016

Hawks II

January 29, 2016

Hawks’ meaty thighs, pantaloons, beaks, the sharp eyes indented so sharply under their hawk brows– and those talons: what an over-glory of perfection.   The ravishing yellow shagreen toes of Red-tailed Hawks boast bright black ever- [...]

Hawk I

January 19, 2016

Pray not to Heaven For Heavenly bird Or Heaven may take you At your word. — Stevie Smith Hawks do not slink, cower, praise God, reminisce, forgive, pray, or worry. Hawks preen, determine, kill, dive, climb, curse, and show off their profile. Hawks [...]

Something Wonderful and Something Awful

January 18, 2016

The wonderful: A series of drawings and poems about a boy looking for a wayward ox. He searches, he wrestles, “With all my energy, I seize the ox,” the ox struggles and charges and disappears “and there he stays, deep in the mist.” Later the [...]

Robert Walser on Van Gogh

January 14, 2016

An excerpt from Robert Walser's Looking At Pictures: "The Van Gogh Picture" in which every word is so beautiful and so human it breaks your/my heart. Editor's note. "At an exhibition of paintings several years ago, I saw an, as it were, ravishing and priceless picture: Van Gogh's L'Arlesienne, the portrait of... [...]