Parable # 3: Rules

Parable 3 picture (2)

Lately there don’t seem to be many patrol cars waiting for bikes to run red lights. Not enough bikers in the cold to justify the man-hours I guess. In winter a quick look is sufficient to slip by the cars, stuck like dinosaurs in mud. Of course the car drivers always try to make it up by speeding to the next red light. This guy in a station wagon on Dean Street honked as he passed me. I passed him back at the light and when he passed me again, before the next red, he honked for the second time. I caught him at the light and stopped. He rolled down his window. I tried to sound friendly. “You don’t have to honk every time you go by a bicyclist.” “Yes I do,” he said and grinned. “Because you people don’t play by the rules.”

– Adam Simon


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