Talking Pictures 2nd Invitational: Drawing: Interpretations (now with images!)

Talking Pictures 2nd Invitational    Drawing: Interpretations
Curated by Paul D’Agostino, Jeffrey Bishop and Cathy Nan Quinlan

Jeffrey Bishop + Bianca Boragi +  Ford Crull + Don Doe + Robert Franca

+ Lisa Hein + Andrew Keating + Kerry Law + Zaun Lee + John Mendelsohn

+ Katherine Powers + Denise Sfraga + Richard Sigmund

+ Adam Simon + Natalie Simon + Rachel Youens

Adam Simon

John Mendelsohn

Zaun Lee

Bianca Boragi

Denise Sfraga

Jeffrey Bishop

Lisa Hein

 Katherine Powers

Natalie Simon

Rachel Youens

Don Doe

Robert Franca

Kerry Law

Richard Sigmund

Ford Crull

Andrew Keating

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