hesperis machina amentes/amantes II

overhead lines …
over headlines …
over head lines
fault trip, trip fault
the visiting of secret places
hesperis triP
code laces … too …

sweet rockette,
high kicking
ordinary night viole
daughter of evening,
tight golden light of sunset
of the reputed father, Atlas
one of 3 or 7 nymphies
drinking ombra, the winter drink
“Dai, andemo a bever un’ombra
4 shots of
red, yellow and gold
and lastly Arethusa.
ox-eyed Hesperethusa
Aegle, Erythea, Arethusa,
Hestia, Hespera,
Hesperusa and Hespereia
the western maidens


do i like the rose
do i like the hearth
not on first sight
not on second sight
not on third
i like the gapping
the gaping depth of november rose
the new boar bore propose
to the stern rose
to be the never ever paling
in the begging garden of
occidental city mirth
catching the surf or
odd man of the sea
learn where this garden is,
places  we have seen
where we will hope again
to witness daily torture glad
this sad steeple of edification
higher state of civilization
abhorred mores, here:
to kill with your mouth …
to be disciplined …
love’s labors lost, paradise regained
as men of old have sung
it came,
a flow’ret bright
no tender stem in sight
loose, fragrant rose
astomatous, no breathing through the lips
the shoots cut off
scarlet ruse
pornographer’s fipps
you, rose
scent burning shell
strapping me
hesperis matronalis
lash gnash;
affixed i stand
in front of nothing
let’s tell the story again …

the flustered curb knows its steps into shit,
thread board,
monitor lizards sitting on tracks
seemly closing gaps
elliptic weight of agony
poor passage
phase shift efficacy
tears of the fluffy dragon,

—Martina Gertrude Siebert