February 2016

Hawk III

February 23, 2016

Frosted over with power What is the weight of death What’s the weight of life Who knows, except that both get lighter— When a hawk circles over. Another close friend just died and hawks are visiting: last Friday, one flew over the old Port [...]

Contest: We have one winner!

February 23, 2016

We have our first winner for the Robert Walser contest. Maria will receive a copy of Walser’s “Looking at Pictures”, courtesy of New Directions. We still have two books to give away. To enter, please email us at [...]

Parable # 2: Lanes

February 23, 2016

Brenda at the pool said to me, “You stay over there in the fast lane where you belong.” “Why, is that the White People’s lane?” “Yes it is, and it’s Black History month!” – Adam Simon   Readers are invited to respond [...]

Parable # 1: Shovel

February 23, 2016

After the last big snowstorm, our neighbor Sal told a couple of the guys working for him to clear the snow from in front of our house. One guy said to Michele, “Can I borrow your shovel?” “Sure, just leave it inside the gate when you’re [...]

Letter from Meg Hitchcock

February 9, 2016

Well that wasn’t so bad. The review is more about you than me; I was afraid that you were going to bust me on not knowing squat about religion or God or anything else (which I don’t, but I try to keep my ignorance to myself). That I [...]