Letter from Meg Hitchcock

Well that wasn’t so bad. The review is more about you than me; I was afraid that you were going to bust me on not knowing squat about religion or God or anything else (which I don’t, but I try to keep my ignorance to myself). That I got under your skin is a good thing; I’m not necessarily trying to make people feel good. And I share your religious intolerance, so we don’t disagree there. But I’m afraid that I fall in the category of “spiritual”, which I know rattles your cage to no end. I wonder why…what is it about the idea of spirituality that irks you so. Not a judgment on my part, just a curiosity. Admittedly, the word is somewhat pretentious; maybe it would be more accurate to say that I’m “materially challenged”.

Big thanks…I owe you one. I so seldom get criticized. I can’t wait to criticize your work.

Thanks, Cathy.

– Meg Hitchcock


This letter is a response to our recent post about Meg Hitchcock’s show at Studio 10.

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