Parable # 1: Shovel

Adams shovel (2)

After the last big snowstorm, our neighbor Sal told a couple of the guys working for him to clear the snow from in front of our house. One guy said to Michele, “Can I borrow your shovel?” “Sure, just leave it inside the gate when you’re done.” “At the end of the day Michele said, “Hey, that guy never brought back my shovel!” She ran out looking for him. One of Sal’s guys said he didn’t know the guy. Never seen him before that day. The next day everyone was still trying to get their cars shoveled out and there was the same guy making money with our shovel. Michele said, “Hey, you never brought back my shovel!” “Oh yeah, I’m sorry about that. Can I bring it to you when I’m done here?” “Sure, just leave it inside the gate.” Never saw the guy again. Michele bought a new shovel.

– Adam Simon


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