Adam Simon responds to “Queer Eye” Is Great but the Wall Décor Ain’t

There’s something wonderful about the idea that five gay guys can come into anyone’s life and transform it into a better, truer version of itself. I had my doubts, suspecting that ‘better’ really meant more conforming, extinguishing those individual traits that appear messy. After watching a few episodes, I was won over by the sheer amount of human warmth exhibited by both sides of the exchange, gay and straight, those offering support and those receiving it. The question of why the art is bad is an interesting one on a few different levels. As you point out, it’s probably mostly a question of budget. Maybe stores like Wayfair sponsor the show and they are required to use their stuff. In any case, I can’t help fantasizing about Cathy Nan Quinlan becoming art advisor to Queer Eye. If you were in charge, I bet you could get lots of artists to donate work to the show. I suggest you contact them with a proposal, asap.

CNQ responds, I think I will offer QE “The Man With a Hat” by Adam Simon: