Red and Green

KAZIMIR MALEVICH Head of a Modern Girl 1932 oil on canvas
progression, what does it mean?
to step forward ….?
forewearde: “toward the front, in front; toward the future; at the beginning”
let us sing the word scout to disclose the outpost – the modern girl (1932) , painted in red and green –
as kasimir malevich did before he appropriated this very costume to shout the word artist (the self portrait, 1933);
transposing a horizontally placed yellow-rimmed blue cameo to become the doer’s Red/Green;White/Black.

let’s think of furðra “further, greater, superior,” probably a prehistoric derivative of further (adv.) while you are advised to compare it to
the old frisian fordera, german vorder,
“that is before another.
true, on the most simplified level of color chart we can see a progression
from White to Red
from Green to Black,
while remembering little red riding hood we know,
it will be snow white’s lust for the green-red apple that will endow the munchkins or the dwarfs with the real problem,
the glass coffin  … ,
here, looking just like turing’ s halting problem:
the halting problem is the problem of determining, from a description of an arbitrary computer program and an input,
whether the program will finish running or continue to run forever.
what does it mean then to rather be red-winged than green?
does it mean a mercurial go go to stop the hermetic green?
or does it sigh the latin inspirare: blow into, breathe upon,
“inspire, excite, inflame,”
could this mean wind too – an organ, the ingenious engineering as inhaling/exhaling?
what is the unknown fetish of organ works transcribed onto a color chart?
what is a comparative …
boost & boom
comparison or escalation
(what did aristotle say? you can be bad in many ways,
you can only be good in one way.
change is sweet.)


– Martina Gertrude Siebert