bon jour distress


Frederic James,  Kansas City house

If independence is the ideology of slave-holders, emancipation requires the programmatic destruction of independence. Within a cross-coded history, the realization of freedom is indistinguishable from its abolition.”

this is what nick land writes in dark enlightment;

after he had left london for shanghai to shanghai the thing or sb.,

leaving behind the left (?!) to join the far right

now, you tell me, what is a heretic?

to write code supercedes language, bon jour distress!

too funny that heresy is the thing-captive occupied & blocked by yiannopoulos  (remember july – the guardian?)

or bannon  – which reminds me of:  exsurge domine in german, Bannandrohungsbulle (papal bull of excommunication).

i read it as bannon, drohbulle: bannon menacing cop

hahah ………………………………

Op Art – Josef Albers



op art – josef albers.

depth of field?

color pretense?


attention sagacity,

(Full, from the portfolio

Homage to the Square: Ten Works by Josef Albers)


actual facts are not factual facts but factual facts are alternative facts.

the world is in trouble, but we’re going to straighten it out. OK? – P.T. Barnum show anew

let’s think about angela merkel & donald trump saying: gefühle (emotions) first!

let’s fantasize about haireisthai  take , seize  as middle voice of hairein, to choose

to meet the series known and unknown for its thematic use:

use as

the use of repetition to show differences in the impression of


across various times of day, weather, seasons


the transience of (all) light  or the digit sum of 1984 as 22 ( catch 22)

so, instead of watching the inauguration of mr. trump, ms. merkel showed us what a richteresque angie poster (not betty) can be:

the little large lilac form ( Goethe’s Lila as psychic cure on stage?)



contemplating autumn, seeing monet placed by hasso plattner (SAP), as a set within the reconstruction of the barberini palais

bon jour bio hackers, hello distress,

you backed out on the straight line to close in on something & to shut off

via Disney’s & Shannon’s shine alike,

saluting dissension  and grainstacks in sunshine to stir up sight

in the series of choices heading towards dazing fright (diffuse and conquer)


while the wheat is harvested in july ,

not taking until march anymore

for all the farms to wish for big sty daisies.

we do combat reflected light

graving alternative might.


dear color line as well as spectrum’s residual alarm

i tell you i quit the passage of character

not to seize but to choose columbian exchange -,

hues of john barleycorn

the nut brown bowl i met


the strongest man as spill

by returning to pseudo heresy mill

where donkeys are trotting up the hill (oh, that wartburg castle)




and while it is inky (& blinky palermo-ish) there,

the spill,

you won’t find luther vandross ‘ Blue as bowie’s shoulder –

since it is just a german translation of harein: to choose

crashing the very same cars (autos or the position of autos in ancient greek grammar)

to be mare’s nest … .

Oh, when different hues are evident in each painting, and in each work, color is used to describe not only direct but reflected light.

at differing times of day and in various seasons … when things absorb the light from diverse parts of the color spectrum.

as result, as residual light that is reflected off as in the haystacks; seen as ever-changing, manifesting in distinctive coloring.

That’s what peoples say as well as their orthodoxy will share

…  twister of night lights … moony maroon light

as the chosen truce, peace adrift.

so, please consider this!

–Martina Gertrude Siebert