The Man with the Broken Nose

Rodin,La Petite Tête de l’Homme au nez cassé




as well as click- lead-sale crowd,

merchants & affiliates,

all able to take it.


as form of power & sabotage

i like to not talk to you about biometric sensors

demonstrating the width of the price, future

but rather

about the weed,

the liberal arts studies:

social science




there is a stringer’s string


mono chord

as well as slender cord,


whenever i get up to start my day i lie down to see what the letters say.

the character penetrates the cord saying: we don’t hunt rabbits to eat*,

we live to fuck unconsciously:

look at 1863,

there was a move, remain.

a man with a broken nose,

or the lincoln-rodin-pact as i say,

straying from this,

gaiety no more –

it is called:


or Bibi,

or scandal,

or too realistic to be ethical::

ineinandergebissene tiere sind die leiber

doggedly locked together,

limb & life & back lane

which is,

what rilke said,

to say,

torture produces new pain


it doesn’t rhyme with flame                                              — Martina Gertrude Siebert

  • *They do not know that it is the chase, and not the prey, which they seek. …

From Thoughts, Blaise Pascal

also Man with Broken Nose stolen: