Comment on Mercedes Matter: Early and Late

John comments:

Simply the *dumbest* attempt at a review I’ve ever tried to read.Why not do some research on the Artist; her influences; her peers; her career; her importance in the Art World.
In fact, don’t bother–you wouldn’t comprehend it anyway.

Critics…Paint nothing; do nothing; add nothing; contribute nothing.

John’s addition to his comment:

I‘d rather listen to remarks of other Artists, names like Willem de Kooning–who claimed Mercedes was way ahead of all of them in the mid-late 30’s; Arshile Gorky, who painted with her in the mid-late 30’s, and collaborated with her on a few canvases; Lee Krasner, who painted along side Ms. Carles for a good 5 years at the Hofmann School(among other venues); Elaine de Kooning(an able reviewer!) who thought Mrs. Matters canvases were incredible, and implored her to spend more time on her Art(instead of inspiring thousands of minds); Harold Rosenberg–the premier Art Critic of the 1950s; Her peers Philip Guston; Hans Hofmann; Fritz Bultman; Sidney Janis.

Enclosing a few trenchant links, to assist in your learning about the Artist. Its beneficial to do this sorta research *prior* to attempting a review, but its obvious you were running short on time.–A-Retrospective-Exhibition.aspx

I’ve looked in vain, but didn’t see Cathy Nan Quinlan in even *one*.In the pithy words of Bob Dylan, ‘Don’t criticize what you can’t understand’.


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