courts and yards, umgh


hello brooklyln friend,

don’t worry, i’m working on the courtyards of berlin …billy’s pics are polar opposites (counterpoint), though not for too much longer, i fear. instead, we will see ordoliberal IT courtyards ( CCs – Creative Courtyards).

one is just going up in front of our kunsthof-nose, ha.

while they love the word Kreativhof, they (city gov.) starve out places of public bliss (like monbijou pool or begas corner) my pièce de résistance, today, was:

to simply walk in & to pay not;

and none of the folks working there, since 16 years, stopped me from doing that.


their little kiosk on the premise is closed, since the heating/ cooling fixture aren’t working anymore & the city of berlin( to which we pay horrendous taxes to) is not willing to fix them.

nevertheless, they charge 6 euros entry fee.


for 14 years they charged 2.50, opening up in may. now, you can only go there on weekends in june & throughout the time of school summer vacation. they do not fix schools or preschools anymore, they are simply transfixed by the spell to develop properties. this is also why BER Willy Brandt will never be finished, costing millions a day, to stay in the shape of now, a profitable ruin.

so, who is, who is pillaging whom?


think of les tuileries,

as the partially unroofed play area for kings

taking in the light from the cohors of things,

soldiers, painters & giraffes (henri 4 walked one of them)

like david & chardin

working out links to the

pool of paris: impluvium, multitude,

ruled by great houses,

courts & yards, umgh,

dallying & economizing warm social weather.

(what is a courtyard, but a tribal region …,

where issues are discussed & women can relax unobserved)

so, when you try to hide the impact of a trailing arm or the buzzing of streets, bearing the brunt of work.

go back to street food, now vanishing in bangkok


see, what you can do in the courtyard of sound …


there is a courtyard in berlin,

right next to the Sound,

where bowie & jagger gave to china girls

or to christiane f

the riff-raff riff,

to play hooky :

a stage for police, as well as a run for shelter,

or the passage of honky tonk to an italian motive.

a clearance as well as shady passage, oh well.


a courtyard yard ensemble, known as begas corner,

the remotest corner to fall asleep dreaming of marina style

as fluid togetherness


the whole lot,

acquainted while competing …

conflict intertwined …

quite like meshes of the afternoon

billing, cocooning,

to coo & to go coo coo …

marvellous froth of the lot                                    –Martina Gertrude Siebert