hey, dedi work ( dense digital work)

To: Carol Graham, who is the author of Happiness for ALL?

hello, the first image is video time line of the Age of Tanks
video t-IME-line, Ha


whenever one looks at tattered/ torn/ blue/ jeans/ black/ today

one thinks of luck as lucky styles

making it into the halls of fame, worldwide.

a place that money did not forget

since homeland has to get ahead,

while negative chocks,

being beyond control for the poor pressing ahead,

generate the goal which remains:

to claim that the future is ours.


true, poor minorities have stronger informal safety nets 

but they, too, are living the erosion of the american bootblacks’ aspiration

to be real city youth.

are they more surreal or better trained to accept the somber struggles of service,

to not believe in blue collar jobs?

here,to service technology-driven growth?

which is,

by the way,

a means for refugees to make their way


unknown national quests

being cipher,

neither Armin Müller-Stahls


Natalia Ginzburgs

in crossing borders

to reach the doves,

because …


they are always in the next room.


it’s impossible for them to stay in the same room!

while technology is the room they cannot not take up

to be their expressive tomb.

they are out of the blue, collarless,


our job is

to be in the next room, but not the same room.

as syrian rue they are the consciousness of man,

here, to appear in a jumble.

Friedrich Engels said:

we no longer find the actual series of moments, but a summary of mankind’s efforts to comprehend reality

Entäusserung (alien(n)ation)


can this be BLUE,


the promethean quest?


is it sweet bird of youth?

or willful waste of talent & character?

is it the opposite of dick?

can it be called mammal?



boy or tender blue?



true, once it was called ragged dick (Horatio Alger)

or new york street life as happiness for all …


setting its porphyry sail,

it is called


the guild shirt of electromagnetic drift

fittingly, it was called ragged dick

street life … happiness for all …

now, it still ruffles the fur of pacific whist  … Tempo



–Martina Gertrude Siebert



*Carol Graham, “Happiness for All?” Princeton University Press, 2017