daughter card blue – terra menes

Mark Rothko, Blue, Green and Brown, 1952


you can lose mother
on an intersection
high above a murmuring stream
while fish jump
as delphinium’s quest written in a trice
into the skies

i am fish , i don’t have to get exited about diving.
show me how to dive into the blue hole,
King of colors, annil, thrice to make peace
three times in a row to blow what makes condottieri forget motherboard,
(violets are blue …)

can we make a difference? I don’t know, ahnoni said
“You see what I am, you see what we are. We’re not groomed for this;
we were groomed to die.”
musical rhetoricians clad in eos’ auroral dress
euryphaessa’s coming ?
o, no ..
don’t talk to anyone and then die young
like a slashingly somber sun … is what the power says.

can we leave the place of famine to stay with lysander
as theramenes did ?
well, you never send one, you always send ten …
and the question remains, if a unifying rule (r) can carry the letters mn?
what for, if the verb means: to endure
is this rescue, goat’s rue?
blue lactogenic foods,
they are all good,
for you

is mn for menes, lupine?
is blue lupine better than delphinium’s toxic rule?

dolphin-shaped flower showing the purple rain in blue,
showing it in yellow, in white & in red, too
while menes, diverting the river nile,
is fleeing on a crocodile to escape his hunting dogs in regal style

show me how to dive into the blue hole
how to install the philosopher’s threat
to take care of yourself (epimeleia heautou ) to not know yourself (gnothi seauton)
facing famine & the flood
while the striving for favor,
the inordinate desire,
the canvassing for votes,
leads you to the old rut
eunesis, the gift of god,
the pushy resolve,

vision, here to identify with expansion
is not just to grasp the mantle
since to govern via mace means,
you at least have to expand your base, as theramenes said,
while he lost his right to a trial
& in a minute
it’s hemlock that is your last friend in the drinking game
surrendering to the whims of time
running from moderation to radicalization to
the Éclat
the off chance manifestation forming a strange inhibition …
facing plethos, ethos, demos


the reign of the 5000
can end in the drowning of 5000 hands (battle of arginusae)
no one understands why they sank into the blue tomb
dowsing the blue vault


could they toast to a loved one & then finish their cup?
you can always be rediscovered as the michigan papyrus shows
but where did the gob(s) go
a true patriot & a moderate would not know …
born into instable times, you must have the gift of sight, as thucydides said … i guess they did not.

–Martina Gertrude Siebert