la strada


Latin strāta (via) ‘paved (way)’, feminine past participle of sternere ‘lay down’.
street … in folgende Sprache übersetzen …: remembering flying to the US listening to

  • 1   … think my street 8daddy9
    ended here, anyway
  •  alles wird gut/ alles wird wut
  • lyre/ire/birse
  •  i’m old – i cannot see what people do
  •  there is a barbecue cloud from the 50ies moving on
  • & the great thing is, it will reach you while you glide towards the doors
  •  so life can be lived – as you told me – by dressin’ pressed people in dreary Red
  • as long as they recognize books, Roxanne:
  •  Police enters the room
  •  soon ( ere long)
  • Melanie – Lay Down (Candles in the Rain (1970)
  •  for russians the black sheep does not exist
  • what they know instead, is named: the white crow
  • your oddity, the fermata-lad …kisses … hopefully, wow