bethesda green and fair


… in the beginning too weak to take off…
Absurd rises still higher, it’s not even the notion of propriety or ruin
hey, pretty baby –
opinion, story, argument –
do you subside in decorum?
do you remember the constitution of the polis,
the paper moons, mooning away by the river side,
the songs of fragmented nuts?


never forget brittle willow ,
or brittle maiden hair fern
aren’t they horse drawn, too  ?

Cheiron (the hand, ergon of kentauros)
his assembly man is
forwarding sedge hawker
into captive dragons on a wire

what a hôpital ambulant

‘mobile (horse-drawn) field hospital’
of the naked bottom;
bottom of

walking, walking,

to find maddy

putting a smile on the face of moon.
have you found pop, maddy,
or a you,
saigon signing off…. ambulance ambush …a move?

you can blow on palm trees horizontally or
to overturn lip reading.
the seagulls turning to deeper blue;
a glittering versed against purple seas,
ambulant, sure,
to draft river ruve,
ruve …
norwegian wood calling for bringing somebody to ruin
to wipe ’em out
to cook his goose
in time,
imaginary …?

it’s difficult to end a war
when the battlefields so close
are a ruse


o, hôpital
cheiron ,
TransHumance in marseille
the burning deep end of Blue,
sang d’un poète,
apparition in the ghetto,
napalm girl by nick ut …

wasn’t that the riff … ?
whatever they did , just remember this …
too hot, too hot, that’s what she said …
what did sollers say:
“i agree with aragon, the woman is the future of the man”
& what did lacan say:
“it’s curious how a woman, when she ceases being a woman,
can crush the man she has under her thumb”
i never liked the rolling stone’s snipping tool,
lalatonguegallery to honkytonk on…
neither the red nor “the green segel” will come back
painted black …


Ut covered her with a raincoat …
no trench coat here
no over there,
absurd ambulance, black & fair:

Bethzatha …

only the first one into the pool after each such disturbance would be cured

of whatever disease they had
is that true  ?