Pierre Soulages


is it easier to play 45 straightaway ,
(3 minutes in a minute)
than 33 as leading edge, later?
thereupon, at that point,
the album of dream book
turns into the prolonged
mistake book…
error logging
making the question obsolete:
if there is any other sphere?

33⅓ min−1
logging legend
of increased playing time
rpm micro groove,
all these revolutions per minute …
infrequently recording
the snap,
the crackling void at the rim of a
glass of water
hissing the
inherited by Oscar Wilde

“A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which humanity is always landing. And when humanity lands there, it looks out and seeing a better country sets sail. Progress is the realisation of utopias.”

still, i listen to
what robert plant said,
still yet as the golden god….?
way down inside …
he said,
the king of cock rock
what do androids say
standing in front of students:
i am very smart and i am beautiful, too
wow,what is poetic justice, poena naturalis
what are mental states,
the floral architecture catching up with the hole,
at 3.00 am every other night
to swallow forms of plight

what do you say?
we lick the paint and
we tickle dorian gray
why should we do this?
to not become immortal, yes …
gulping down the immoral counting of freud’s cancerous
slip of the tongue
to meet soulages …the rock, pierre,
but not for too long,
a meeting with a cheer
to greet the black light in the new body,
to greet the new one, here
to the BBC
the morse code,
reviving the nesting of friends,
chapping the rap
to smile for a different thrumping

therefore, here is a rap to you,

(2 not be considered )

hello, i think i will do one more …
a step,
while telling myself: i have to stop boring you
to meet 20, means to meet 2, too,
and then change … changing
into a tip out.


instead of utopians: tip outs for the
non sheepishness of jeanne moreau:
agent h 21
the twenty first hour,
the sonar bridge
to dream seeking entente wobbling on;
ascenseur pour l’échafaud


poet- she is too dull for the gaming table
can only offer you a console (ation)
you know what, she can’t take the regal shot
it’s bravo dram & bravo tram (streetcar you know)
you deserve better …. better moves towards the swooning,
maybe the disclosure of
data circulating, 2 …
in mozartean jupiter rooms
buzz per purr
hello tower,
hello, queen of the loom
shall i meet you on the rose madder side of the moon?

PS: similarities to Rose Madder by King are not intended, ha

…                                                                          —    Martina Gertrude Siebert