fat cinema, rotor belief

timing, metering the blue gauntlet
shadowed by the gray bursa, purse,
pouch, peur du gendarme …
little white bear sleeps in the most remote corner of
gratis family tree.

talking shadows prick up his ears,
dream scheming
comes close …
while the chestnut tree has died
and a huguenot starts foisting a rare butterfly
silk wallpaper, toile de jouy
deep shadow of the Cevennes

anemic cinema …

keep your hair on

keep it wet

but now, reality has raced ahead and
fiction is playing catchup as they said
since Kevin Spacey’s transgressions came to light,
it’s ice house, is card house, is slipstream of Putin and Trump
is speculative fiction,
is dark realities,
is speaking en plain air while being untouchable,
while pushing the gray mare of cityscape bare
jump scare

what’s safe?

safe space, decompression chamber of paranoia
quipping on:
“Deep State didn’t pull its punches. “It’s gritty, intense and will leave you questioning everything,”
helping to make scaring people profitable again
and if anything could justify the 90s as the best decade on record,
hey Cinema,
it’s duchamp’s can
made matrix as the run of blair
witch project being a pun of the way of the samurai
magnolia butterfly
anemic cinema 1999,
the story 1719
Falun, myth & gull
or 49 years of copper vitriol
the story borne by a crone
reads like all about my mother …
it was a year like no other …


” Take a deep breath: Magnolia, The Sixth Sense, The Matrix, Being John Malkovich, Three Kings, Fight Club, Eyes Wide Shut, The Iron Giant, Toy Story 2, The Talented Mr Ripley, Run Lola Run, The Blair Witch Project, The Thomas Crown Affair, Buena Vista Social Club, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Boys Don’t Cry, Beau Travail, Topsy-Turvy, The Straight Story, American Pie, Go, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Office Space, Audition, Rushmore, Summer of Sam, Election and

rictus’ cry
botched sacrifice
or 1895
the very year of  cinema verité
neither timing
nor billing increment
failing to hear a monster approaching…
being blind
or simply unaware to share;
share that beat
which rocks You
HAL 9000,

cinema quiet
breath breathing
lilt dancing
libellous, defaming, calumniatory, vilifying
dancing ball of fire,
ardent designing
ambitious climbing,
voraciously anxious,
zealously pushing
war is a chimera, clausewitz said,
it’s a police action going bad.

what’s to stomach, what are bowles
what is sumac what are howls
balls are dangling
cant de la peur
cinema stasis… civil war…
fat cinema
cinema de la peur
taf, taf, tough

jump, scare!

—Martina Gertrude Siebert


P.S. What is jumpscare?  A tactic used in horror movies to scare people, the jump scare is used by unimaginative filmmakers as a cheap method of frightening the audience; i.e, making them literally “jump” out of their seats.

marzipan weather is better … (when everything blooms at the same time, honey will have the taste of marzipan)

Monbijoupark, Berlin, April 21, 2018