the summer’s heel


the summer’s heel
no one forgoes
rock summer shag & shiel ,
even Paul Tucker’s reeling real
just just,
a cocktail bore,
the book of Unelected Powers searing the seers
flirting with democracy,
cocktail of hyper modification
technocracy  …
altering egalitarianism …
a dying without a homeland galore;

mother london sitting shivah with eight ghouls & more…
while boats, coming up the thames, for pirates’ sake,
cannot lift the ban of hok,
the southern smog of Savannah…
spring garden of crocodiles’ swoosh, near

so near, the machine,  summer sling
want & pathfinder
closer still,
carnage & want
thrust up your arms and respond
extradition, deportation, banishment
as tears of a crocodile water dinghy, okra & sling
Open Arms,
sink  …
or sing the summer brave,
the benevolent seas
while 3D knitters glue the block
to gather
data speed rock

—Martina Gertrude Siebert


brave {adj} [colourful, showy]


hok: plural -s

: a small enclosure (as for storage)