Comment on Painting Now and Forever III (but not if it goes on like this!)”

By the “painter friend” quoted in the review:

What a shot of refreshing reality! I am so SO pleased you decided to write….
I’m honored that our conversation continued in the review…
The review: It’s honest, bracing and cuts through much slick bullshit. It’s near to being a prose poem…! I can feel you walking, looking, thinking, and that’s powerful for sure. And I feel your painter’s hunger for deep engagement, and repeated thwarting of that desire. Thanks for a few highlights as well…even if I don’t agree with all, I am completely able see through your eyes a different take.
Anyhow, it was terrific to run into you and talk together through the show. It made my day!!
yes lets do that again sometime soon…
The Painter Friend

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