news on stasis


the crackerjack legal mind
sentient sentinel
public lack ploughing into
the jihad feed of feeling,
the blow ups

dried up snapshots storming
the old promontory department store
hoping to lift their heads in real time
stampede of followers
to call upon the underground
screaming for a speaker system for reeling
for the peer-to-peer transmission, the shearling trim, the collar
welling up to smear the sound of deadlock
news block of the woodcut churn out:
c write in C!

the endless process of conformity


this crackerjack legal mind
sentient sentinel
heavily armed
shoppers attack
the jihad feed of feeling
to call upon the underground
screaming out loud:
speaker system for silk reeling
for peer-to-peer transmission of shearling coats …

welling up to smear the sound of deadlock

news block of the woodcut burn out
chastised by
tabloid events & hegelian fare
ready to smash
the downplaying devices beyond all measure
munificence, boundlessness
money is rare
and ought can never become an is
( is the high pitched shout)  …
they shout:
now feeling is empty formalism
paradox’ of self‐legislation
the so called theological remnants
wee wee houses, modular house
how shall thus inform the task
against normal practice…
they howl

in the fading tint of summer’s stint
in the quiet of September
a languishing lint of body groups
surrounded by little cupidos …  is
looking at green chestnuts, still white-spotted inside
toddler scientists go after ant streets curling their way
into the bijou screens of apricot blue
to be the fare of melancholy
so quietly calling for the underground
downplaying devices as well as the jihad feed of feelin

scuttling along to reach fathers talking to mothers on i-phones
scuffling ant lovers
break up modular house
while tiny pool waves listen
to show boat music rising from the river
all so near, all so dear
quiet september

still the attacks continue to be written in c
while some fathers still are
at C in midst of thoughtless contradictions

these cupidos shoot for c-nuts in September

undermining the very idea of inconsistency
quiet light of finites’
ravenous beings,
horizon, hinterland & width of infinity
monbijou peace pool, virtuous circle of proclivity

pool attendants’ clemency:
Cover them .. we can’t control the bushes …
beat the bushes for … naked little things …
the addressed reply …
moral perfection in september,
actual … factual

news on scroll free September
comment pods’ stasis
invention process without stability
internal disturbance
while all forces are equal

—Martina Gertrude Siebert