machina amentes/amantes

machine learning helps to prevent
drowning of  female youth
in wine fermenting vats
they say
deep learning,
this sinking into deep nets
unfurling sascha caron’s dark machines
so faithful
faithful like the shadow of
baby of super symmetry
of the four corners
of the seven rays
of oceans deviated seas
of here
secondary public offering

sweetness of customs
and no amantes
to make amends anywhere
being consistently “othered”
as kittenish explosion
kittywakes’ blast with bubble
blasphemously simple
large quantity of training data
to discover froth & fizz in the higgs boson
this magic quest for unknown particles
semantic concern of LSTM
turning architecture
into lightweight semantic refugee camps
(minimizing energy maximizing confidence)
suddenly, plastic tarpaulins turn into late egyptian stones
again, shining brightly true
from 11 am onwards to late afternoon moon,
but at 5 : 15 am
generative adversarial networks are lurking like helicopters too



whatever dives down to crown a beak
is born to run into female peeps
a cheeping
born to the eastern pitchfork
as dissonant joy
the somnambules
to go & step into
pale blue
night wanderers …
electrified by over headlines
electricity (trans) lines
spelled out in musical notation
pushing for
the vat of porcupine
meeting up with the feral pig
leading the shoat across
hackescher markt at 5 : 45
while the vat girl sings:
“how long is this waiting!
the sun already rises.
why are they still delaying?”


self regulatory organization
SRO says
super mario is gone
so is mario montez
famicom against sascha caron
odyssey’s jump ‘n’ runs versus ordinary matter
looking out for Atlas
struggling with minimal tosca modes
don’t let her escape into the LUX experiment, MSSM slam


—Martina Gertrude Siebert