artist’s owl

Twenty-eight days: Sangare Siemsen

in the narrow city of Charis-3
red-hot-hooded folk
steer the wheel of a many
white hooded
mercedes benz
cape & dress & blanket blinking
phorein … meta …
electric bus
stuck in parallel parking
dentobold symbolizetti allegoriowitsch
lengths of boundaries
tu w(h)oo the screeches. pee
like poet priests
zettel’s dream
the stillness of sight
the cab to somewhere
giving itself its own (prō’bī-ō’sis)
virulent all ways
elicit wherewithal
reflecting conditional II
fixated/fixating sighs
uttering lex lata of toot sweet
as typical call of the owl
cat call of noot…nootropics
noot … noot … way down
to reach the first move


quality of working life survey
photo detector’s
passionate bricolage
friend & foe to the rescue
“the poor sinner’s flower”
the tinted world of red wood wind
of shared bells
fried french highballs to accompany
precarious “embouchure”
the wind instrument
the artistic muscle
the mouthpiece of fashion
of passion
to tinker the bell
tooting to tamper
electrical energy
transistors … hey…
old fashioned disk-man
hooting tu-whit tu-whoo …
opening whistle of the outfield insulator
while news & sports carry on
near the latter day beggars banquet’s

it’s the job of the lancet
to cut out Refuge-6
guardianship & figure kids
to safeguard the shift
from exit to anchorage,
the passionate improvisation
the new owlet fugues
where sounds stay away from the face
or any timpani roll

feather tuft intensification,
the mono scope
the rojo race
to the wasteland
de lege ferenda
the embattled view

  • Martina Gertrude Siebert