the shepherdesses of Lyra


lyre & flensing deck

lama or roskilde
or zealous land
lama or roskelley
mad knee or mc kee
or mac the knife
we’ll see
“teltowkanal” 1961
someone took suit & briefcase
to be afloat
to swim-step
new ground
saint cecilia was playing the organ swing
of little waves coming in
from the rippled ring of
loie fuller …
there is always a police hunt under way
the percussions
it shows,
it keeps,
it starts,
it fancies
something rash
aqua ring …
to reach across water
to the serpentine dance
on turnstile gate
IRS or political ammunition, knives,
don’t wave to me while i am stepping aside

on the southeast face of Cerro Torre
all these vaporous fantasies of free climbing
of vertical beginnings
trisecting thrice
the lyre concept of the
fabulous colette
doll face claudine
model of no,no,no “+”
& pleas
better forget “uncle max”
there is a new secret code
hellish cipher
of the model traveller
of campo de hielo sur,
or the x-linked mutation,
to ameliorate the whistling soil
of a tempting song,
the wasted labor
ass adventures of our lives
stories that we tell about ourselves
to the lyre of self-instrumentalization
while knives are floating over the flensing deck
dissention of knives
as mounting of the brightest star
an i carved into the night sky
vivid waving of hello & good bye to Nyx
clad in planetary nebula
changing stone-throwing women
into pikes,
pikes of the muses

let’s see Yra, Maghella & Lucifera
crawling out of centuries-old wanton books,
these shepherdesses of Lyra, embers’ glow
at sight

—Martina Gertrude Siebert