curve & neon air
badlands & cornhusker state
or nebraska
the grand island of middle end
while planes burst into flames
& firefighters go astray
visiting fresh trouble
never paying a call to uproars
the disruptive skies
the mending of soars, the Post Captain
the rolling stone of the betrothed chaplain
the automatic description
” perhaps”
introduce it to
the Pendu Femelle
as Marcel said…


what is a green box?
the green box reads:
i … dick
evade the hinge of love
printed in primrose-pink
pantone 12-2904
written in 10 paragraphs
covering up a scorched flat grill
the scolding work of doc station
& squid
or the baleen social feeder
the measure of pleasure
incentive of fiction
at this stage
fillies of Maymoon whickering:
a should ( chute) never fails …

like hackneyed categories
of efficiency
or digital proficiencies
this bright up pulse of
future locks
of privacy blocked
by murky whites,
Hawks’ big blondes
the no boo wide body planes
bursting into fin tech flourish
the being-with
at this stage
of clever policy
a bringing up baby …
hello Maymoon ox
tchotchkes and rooks

vile planes orbit the 10 window dream scheme
i board the train
somebody said: do you mean words with art
or do you mean words that end in aint?
well, i said: i’m looking for flat water
let me go to nebraska …
well, we are dished profile they said …
hello, greenboxpurplesaint, triply landlocked non partisan water


Martina Gertrude Siebert