morn straits


in the wee hours of bird song
a twinkle, a blink
the black slate of transliteration
runs across
the orange rising of winging baby pheasants
breaking the dips of vite … vite  phasis
daybreak at Colchis;
important that they aren’t seen
as dipped orange bulbs of string lights
adorning the edge of an awning
called dawn over the black sea
de lapidius, 86 hymns or system of fable
sung by the oracle musician, fatherless,
orphan of darkness
helping out to attain the golden fleece
sleepless he does best on night slate
nigh to blink

i have a friend
twinkling ( feet twinkle )
twinkling (scintillating )
from last battle to froth hate
here, to set up political party
no end of no end to
transference & transmission
what shall i do?
i hit the spring hero mute button …
thinking of hot-headed icarus’ flight
the scilog partition as
in trade
choppers, security for users & partners
but there is no escape from Crete

the only way left is the air …
hellespont, icarian sea, caspian sea,
strait of hormuz
flecks from upstream
gravity of freedom
as icaros & helle,
didn’t they both fell into the sea
morning breaks the sea
as does alluvial mining
should we go back to the wooden slate
the fleece
ram planted in the trees
nervous manner more & more
tomb of rhythm
to comb out the gold
shaken baby of cultures
oh, be so kind as to catch
pinky, i say

still stuck in representation

“the flayed skin of Krios
a book on alchemy
a technique of writing in gold on parchment
a form of placer mining practiced in Georgia, for example.
the forgiveness of the Gods
a rain cloud.
a land of golden grain
the spring-hero
a breed of sheep in ancient Georgia
the wealth or technology of Colchis
a fabric woven from sea milk
trading fleece dyed murex-purple for Georgian gold
it is about a voyage from Greece, through the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic to the Americas…


⁠—Martina Gertrude Siebert