bedrock garden & seas

let’s cast
switched back sweltering swinging trees
switchboards of swallowtail
swallowable swarthy
swellfish’s sweltering swankiness
swaggering swithering surling morph
swooningly tailing
swell wellheads, sword & fish
swizzled swollen & smitten
swarmed swapper washer
“Throw the bloody thing into the water,
and let’s get to land before the Brits catch us.”
beach water grave
some people call it ecological grief

belittlement of the hill
bearish bedazzlement
between sellers
like a beachcomber’s shag for
beggar weed
nakedflower ticktrifoil
beaming bereavement
or betterment of
bellicose & bright beekeepers
bevy of bee bets
betrothing the listening station
called devil’s mountain
in the whatever of berlin
now the cinderella stamp or
10 euro debris tickets
singing of the rubble or covert affairs
field station berlin
bouldering the canary

cascade of interaction studios
circulating hyper face
cinnabarine sand
cinnabar moth
on king’s road cross
fictitious cinephile
not completely legal
as cityscapes are
akin to a pollard tree


—Martina Gertrude Siebert