faith, energy and trauma
travel lodges
stifling rooms
world eroding teen tongue vogues

i remember feeble carnations
behind a dead mother
the tied up chin or
“clusters of grapes” or
the scolding of words or
flat earthers breaking the rhyme

i remember disguise & aerospace’s heed
the spot
where we place our rugs
to be moved out of the way
for self-size-regulation

to make sure i won’t forget
i said:
Let us, passionless,
Make it our pursuit, our service.
to dance with the very creature that never existed
the fad
humble chamber of a dropped vowel
or field effective transistor
as rilke said:
“this yes this,
is the animal who never was.”
unlike spanish thyme
disguised in liquor or
disguised by sobriety

vote of an “english opium eater”
viewing 1 billion videos
per daydream
a full day’s labour of enjoyment


i walk through you, foggy bottom
a nuisance loved in hands, in maps
in revolving machines
in lip syncing, images
swoon says
because they loved it,
we kept a place for it
“duet” feature,
“fet” (to control the flow of current creatures)
sleeping lilac

this gait, this throat, this move
to grant , to admit
what comes from the mouth
the cosmic now, the apprehensive air
campanula mauritanica
new interpreter of the machine
to recognize itself

wind & waves
odds & ends
hermaphroditic DDD

(desire/displacement/difference )
Flatsome keys

—Martina Gertrude Siebert

Sonette an Orpheus: “O dieses ist das Tier, das es nicht giebt. / Sie wußtens nicht und habens jeden Falls / […] geliebt. / Zwar war es nicht. Doch weil sie’s liebten, ward / ein reines Tier.”

In one video, a TikTok user called @Dontkickphilip personifies the German empire in 1914, aggressively telling Belgium: “I didn’t push you, I moved you out of the way because you wouldn’t move when I asked you to move three times. So I walked through you.”Foggy Bottom”

“The place changed the work tremendously. In some neighborhoods, people were intensely hungry for art, and deeply appreciative of almost any gesture. In other places, I was viewed as a vandal and a nuisance”

Swoon says
People just want to recognize themselves.

book II
“This, yes this, is the animal who never was.
No one ever saw one, but they loved it all the same.
– Its gait, the way it carried itself, its little throat,
The radiance of its quiet gaze, – all were loved.

Truly, it never existed. But yet because they loved it,
A very creature came to be. They always kept a space for it.”

open campus … fight it … fencing
the unicorn
calder’s sculptures