on the black river
gray pontoons are floating
down stream
a female i have never seen
the pyrrhic interior
this noble photon
to be greeted by
as solid as
solid capsules are
magnificent voyage
into : What is That ?
i have no background in
jarring mathematics

she said

while my toes touched ground
i said: No idea if we will be found
let’s just go
to meet the operatic blatherer

having my face washed by old cat
the drum stick leader said
want to play the “white kitten”
is that yours,
your area of expertise?

i rubbed my nose & said: have none
i can come up with a couple of rhymes
plies or pleas
well then, go ahead & play fear
hey, for good, i asked ?

they handed down the white garb
covered with signs & characters
glistening hipster garb of a prisoner
All right, why not accept the sphincters of pain
but tell Lack Jane i did not cash that trick

” And you were all the better for it …! ”
the disc man said
do not run fast while entering this hall
let the process begin within the glass walls

i stepped into last time
i stepped into pulp
i stepped up the orbit of remains
to meet the skeins of seismic moon

the glass wall snapped back
i was alone
the voice said:
ship is out of your hands
don’t think you can show persona to
your friends
blunted effect
while X & Y dildos
accompanied me to
Kennedy II
beyond apollo
story of minor subject,
and unknown

Martina Gertrude Siebert