rusty sugar


few constants left
emptier beach
gill cleft
chiffon black
swathes of
bronze odds on Mars
dangerous chatting
nothing comes into view
a very light future
from the waist up
a heading
no one knows what to do

some people think
beauty gets you out of bed
palms & scars & frogs & dolls
or squads of Brahms
the lost pink cufflink
paradise in your dream
mille-feuilles pufferfish
night rider’s wild pink
ides of  “Zee”
jigsaw blade
somebody said:
gold  braid
free   trade
none of this

“impaired by neglect”
some people say
If u ever catch a rusty
never let go…
of the busy doing
blue eyes
deflecting on some sugar, bay-bee
to reach Buképhalos
ox head carrying globe fish
Alexander hétún

not even a buffered raindrop is safe to eat
so, why still woo by geometric design
as it happens
spandex totals of pandemics
can’t jump

—Martina Gertrude Siebert


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