A Christmas Present from Talking Pictures: “Drift of Juicy” and “Heiliger Abend” by Ursula Pürrer

Drift of Juicy looks like it was made with high-tech digital effects but Pürrer made it in 1989 with analog video. It was unique then and is literally inimitable today. Whether it takes place in outer or inner space, is dystopian or utopian, I’ll leave up to you to decide. There is an important question for today posed somewhere in the middle, and it contains, as Netflix might say, “strong sexual content.”

Presented here for the first time with a “newsreel” — Heiliger Abend, translation: Christmas Eve.
“Arschloch” means “asshole” — Don’t be one this Christmas!
And away we go.


Image from “Drift of Juicy”