the loony plane

dream wise i stepped
on zany
ecru colored plane


loopy mistress took out a roller to paint it white
cracker white
bedlam white
while i touched
the crumpet of brooklyn


bystanders said:  oh, look at that crazy
plane in the skies
so trolley wired to the moon
plane tree
“complacency is the enemy; vigilance is all.”
pitch dragonfly
listening to radio cocteau

what a color rush, what a thrawl
going for the free base

what did picasso say?
i love my friends when they leave me
grabbing his apollonian taco
beach flea
the “brava” lasso
chasing grace
oh …

let’s continue with the truth
loving Max Jakob
“Morven le Gaëlique”
blue taillight
to first colonize stagnant water
big pitch of the beloved voice
pink pajamas to free the bar
for red-orange to olive green ” FEM”
two colored wing module of inside-black
to greet bird song, air sac &
wing marks
so many
flying sexes
beauty of the world

Martina Gertrude Siebert