ship of fools

words, do they matter
melisma, does it matter
“i honor the man who is willing to sink”
“schifos” are rare
ships that pass in the night
dornier et bombardier
motor-driven dirigibles of obscure origin

here, they run a light ship
certifiable unsound
the place is a kind of
Carlos Acosta downed
a basil & spartacus
lift & jump asking
ship me a reason
to the coal-cold state
to my mafia shadow
to my biological ignorance
to my eco-friendly conflicting lab
oh, ship off some juniper & ferry
let’s have the “genever”
to hit all phonetic difficulties

we carry on with typical themes
we are minimal bees
a kind of miracle seed
we are municipal
we are leagues, pinnacle’s peak
isolated burials of red hooded men
lavish metal clique
with blood & shells
with monumental teeth
either proto farmer of fear
a bacchian mother of cat
hissing at you
mimetic moment of onerous squeeze
lovely spat
titles in stock & no titles to share
nippers at st hedwig hospital
of the ship of reason
pulling a greener
as the eco residents
not worth my while
this screaming, that head bashing
this red-hot humming
all this click & clank
why drive an e-scooter into a store front
to get emergency treatment
i need a breather
send folks to the greenery
they are lientery
disorderly liver & lung quarry

let’s honor the man who is willing to sink
into reveries
within a blink
prowling the house


—Martina Gertrude Siebert