house of tweedledee

whenever a chinese widow speaks
i hear stoops of french and american
hear coalesce
hear less
lost within impossibilities
hear marriage, colleagues & guess
cultural revolution ….1984 and less digress
take the children to the realm of tradition
it’s tradition of letter of commerce
the wind stumping forlorn over bridle camps
of state civilization
to catch a stormy sternly bone
they call their own

whenever a chinese “air” widow speaks
like 20 jazz funk greats
i hear loops of french & of american speak
buy our air since it is good & transgressive
P-Orridge’s departure is never cheap
i so love this: buy air or suffocate
i so love to be wedged between ditches
so jolly to meet 3000 others while
i hear: unite, coalesce
you won’t be famished if you do this
let’s watch with glee to hear less
let’s see all these small patches of guess
marriage & children & the letters of commerce

hello wind
baby joy “trou de loup” troubadour
you, faction hunter’s trap, son of Eos
you like bridle camps, don’t you?
you love to catch the stony bone
they call their own
you sing along with youth

that sounds so pretty
that sounds so fine
three young lads walk a straight line
the first says:
hey guys, did you know
when you are dying
you are a dead corpse
you are brine
no, you are a sausage
with french fries as shrine
no, you are oat milk
with soy, what a joy
you are egyptian
the first one replied
they have bells
their tears are bells

hey, maiden will you come with us?
roaring laughter
dead bodies never end
aside from the wind they controlled
they were 11 years old
having fun being bold

lovely caprice
bringer of

—Martina Gertrude Siebert