Loren Munk comments on “The Bowery Bums”

Hey Cathy,

Just thought I’d send a brief note of appreciation for your very insightful and articulate review of “On The Bowery” at Talking Pictures.  I like your reference to the “memory palace of Matteo Ricci”.  I was unfamiliar with this line of thought, but over the years, I’ve had several observers pull me aside to say how the maps brought back a flood of memories.

Regarding the curation of the show, I just painted the maps, it was mostly the hard work of Gwenolee Zürcher, and her assistant Natalie Preston, for the exhibition design, and the layout of catalog.

For the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has shut down a lot of my cruising the nabes, and just when you think things might start to get back to normal, it all goes sideways again.  I tested positive about a week ago (didn’t get any symptoms worse than a bad cold…) but I’ve had to quarantine for a week, and surprisingly, Kate has stayed negative.  Anyway, I’m hoping to get back out into the streets and perhaps head out your way.

Thanks again, and best wishes to you and Sue for the Holidays, and a brilliant 2022…