on the makeshift cottages of wealth;
i dive into super salty water
to meet the mammal squeeze, the fast beat
to kill the pain
& the lamentations
the kin
these makeshift cottages of wealth
into the mammal squeeze of moocher drums
to kill the pain
the kin-shaken set for a pling & a plong
neither a positive nor a negative yawn
not a site of place
Ricardo Bofill long gone
before his time

the underlying atlantic without precipitation

global changes
regional changes
graininess within down welling water
a mere surface for fish
the “hayvan” the animal is getting worse
together, in one
as in eavesdropper
in hyphen, hypocrisy
sublime subterfuge
one & not the same
but at the same time
a likeness
a short dash
a hydrological cycle
a crash & another crash
dry areas get drier

wet areas become
wetter – constraint of form?
the shaken easily settle
for a plong
in les espaces d’abraxas
squid game
preferably save, conserve
loot, tribute
Mocha Dick
albino whale of the pacific
for a ravish steal

i eat my stranger, my terrorist
my teeth are beef
they are brittle crunch
since i brushed & brushed
at the Zoo
til James Simon came back
once & now
at Juedischer Friedhof Schoenhauser
check into “miles not minutes” to eat your slice

—Martina Gertrude Siebert