someone looked down


someone looked down &
saw a pea swimming between noodles
whilst in the very dish he saw nodules
as he declared: This is cool
manganese nodules, so fresh
quite a project & neat pain from
unknown origin
what a venture
we’ll sell it as labor of love
to the burdened, the plowers
they love boats & inside water
& outside water, they love boat’s
new beginning
will call it ship of new beginning

they will remember needlepoint
many hands make light work
like activism & artworks
so libidinal & irreverent
we all love

completed shots
merits & storyboards
to document the strain
between archer & rank
oh, this road to Rio
so ambitious, so frank

Miss Coupersetique said:
This is my reward to the winds
stay loyal to your fiend
from the baltic way to boca chica
a benefield of love & physical labor
play the brain, play the box of practice
like small pox & trellis of fretwork
to reach discreet body dressing work
the manual
the curious burn
the insolent ship
the dear heart
it leaves food & homeland & sleep
to go for virgin performance
& leap

But the curtains fell
early on 29 June
midnight arriving
1.59 milliseconds
sooner than expected
molten core
is it self selected?

all this work spinning
in an ice crater
of heat
bright in dark
for best see

Finally Miss Copacetic
Assumption of Mary
let’s take an imposed vacation
let’s risk incredible loss
it’s just a one day trip through
fascist leisure
while we simply get crossed

someone looked down & saw an olive
dressing up viridian & jade & called it sage
AirFly … it graciously said: i’ll stay out of jealousy
& heaving swell or universal steam
let’s do cinnamon bark or
” negative leap second”
everything is sportive
if this is what you want
come on
“can’t wait to come out to play”

—Martina Gertrude Siebert