jelly nebula quadrille

who is lapping up the blue barrowful of what
Alice said to herself… who dares kicking the slick
critters emerge from the
jellyfish nebula glittering
like andean flamingos
sliding across the ice
we know they are precise
we know their spacewalk is bright
they gather together to dance
Save Huey now
pleasures of pursuit
as in chord playing, card playing
what a hard sugar
since hard sugar spake
pressure cooker
what rhymes with cake
what rhymes with  her
rhythm honey
since it weren’t the black kittens fault
to need “bread” to demand breath
since all of them could play chess
tea rhymes & cream rhymes
like Midjourney’s 1000
yet an evening journal
of spurious origin
image of the mind
at the same time
cutting spree simple
a moving
life story &
sketch saga
AI by Ada Lovelace
a royal highness
a hot new talent or
witchcraft sent
all the same
skeptical romanticism of the sea
& “degrowing”
this radical change
still untamed
quite like bowling’s turkey
zone 28
now & now again
in a hamlet not quite right
still dancing
we want Huey now
come to the clinic, the survival program
big push & open letter
of panther 21
all gone
big toe push of mistrust, miss trust
effectively driving hard sugar
singing: forget caterpillar
forget “Sugar”
to live
she won’t win
“hold your tongue” said the queen
& Alice replied: “i won’t”
—Martina Gertrude Siebert