someone said in san fran
they like direct acts
the earth science of bruises
a sort of perfusion
they like getting high on faux spring water
they like ballers & trees & schrödinger’s cat
they adore earth labs & garages

to store millions & millions of sprouting nuts

what’s a future like where you have to marry lakes
while the power goes off, gosh
hey, we are not afraid to damage the store
humble pit pusher says
she’s so dumb that store
do not question authority

“code creates community”

you see
when i meet people
they tell me things
like i’m  a capitalist or i’m a cyclist
don’t we all enjoy bikes?
well, i say: do you like the big bike ride of S & B
it took up 51 years quite a spree

& dreckly applied they reply: sun dried|


well there is a way
to cut apart / to divide
one can lose one’s way
& ghosts & androids & the power of experience
to embrace void
tis not exactly failure to hold
to gain or win
or products sold at cost
it can be tranquil water or peony white
or phlox dipped in honey
or giant elderflowers braised

to go with moss phlox in november

get lower to reach the free & lost
to not destroy
to not keep your money
become insane or groundhog & rabbit food
there is a sham of light
gliding across the ceiling
so clear

we were never well-fortified

so silly
to cut apart / to divide / to nod off into failure to hold / get lower
so far it was a pretty long ride to
tranquil water or peony white
likewise kinship networks with photon honey
all sex is equal sex, fire danger, sparks of power lines

clearly alive by accident

—Martina Gertrude Siebert|