someone was pushed into outpost
to live in a priority ward
and another one came back & back again
to meet with ghosts of betterment
& Peppermint said: you will find leaves & sham
the four-lobed plant & pointed ears
strolling through runner’s ark with high legs
dipped in stygian foam of fam’holes
these ruins & arks so damp
so i replied: let’s try the goosing dear vamp
let’s try foolishness or slotmagic
& forget “ganso” & lamp to ride geese
to write zero
since everything is one except 0
what an ache
jab in the rear
a pudding snack
do you know  what goose neck looks like?

well people say they are as happy on land
as they are on water &
those with the shorter legs are not
but the knife didn’t go through said the cook
& the yellow helpers said: well there was
the Blank, this blank hell000000000
swans are more aquatic
they love happy swirls
but don’t throw them a peppermint
that is sad eating
a deliberate loss
to hunt down Devi divide data
different choices & big big idea
“Fuah” & X for good
unsustainable pressure
plus girl with a flute

eponymous heroine to play it again
story of the open toes
or the rare “gem” of heartbreak
of bloody partition in a glen
just say: “my pride had the flu, okay”
if you can’t win the 4th round
simply return the marbles
Pepper, speck & stipple

i’m afraid i can’t do that
dear brotherhood

—Martina Gertrude Siebert